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Topics related to gratitude
Read XX in June 18th “Handan Evening News” published in the “dream boy lifted the knife to his parents why he became so insane? “One article, shocked: a director, screenwriter, writer, salesman, designers and many dreams the dream of youth, parents under the pain killer, just to be free, “ ” “ ” free; even more shocking is that Wang Tao killed the parents, and not a moment the impulse of passion, but premeditated, as early as a month ago, he began to plan the murder of his parents. Long stay, resulting in a sense of alienation from parents and parents; after entering the city, “ the edge of the ” the tendency of the huge psychological gap, so that theBoot Socks rainThe long-term psychological sub-health state; parents are busy doing business, in the period of adolescence and lack of communication, respect, communication, and aggravated his psychological anxiety. These are the cause of the dream of young parents murder. But I think the most important thing is to ignore the dream young parents’ love, lack of gratitude. What is Thanksgiving? The “modern Chinese Dictionary” on the relevant “ Thanksgiving ” the definition is “ for others to give thanks to the help of ”. Extension: Thanksgiving is the outside world and his grace and his grace to give their physical or spiritual thanks. Gratitude, as a kind of personality trait or a habit, has a very important function of mental health care. Know how to appreciate the life of high satisfaction, peace of mind, have the ability to enjoy the life here at this time, know how grateful people know the self-discipline, know the value and fear. Gratitude is a happy thing, know how to be grateful, life itself will not change, but people’s subjective feelings will be completely different. A person based on the world, who should be grateful to it? First, it should be grateful to the parents of grace. Parents and children are connected to the first channel of the world, they give their children life, bear bitter hardships to child rearing adults. Chinese advocated the traditional ethics of “ &rdquo, “ crow feeding; sheep kneeling ” that is the children to have a heart of thanksgiving to parents, know how to return the love of parents. Two is to thank the teacher’s grace. Respecting is our Chinese tradition, teachers to teach students the knowledge, opens a window for their understanding of the world, in addition to the teacher teach lessons, a lot of things children. Three is should thank the sages of grace. Human wisdom is a generation of the sages passing the torch, and the accumulation of A. Open the books, living in the modern people can travel with the ancient sages dialogue, listen to their teachings. To thank them for their precious spiritual wealth to us. Four is the feeling of nature should be. Confucius said “ heaven does not speak? Yet the four seasons, all things grow. ” the world is beautiful, day cover, unassuming, silent in bred creatures. Four seasons, various difficulties and hardships chunhuaqiuyue, a wisp of dawn, morning a chirping in the wind, a leaf, a flower, with the world we live in. There is a thankful heart, people’s heart will be full of kindness and beauty. For parents to wash their feet, pour a glass of water, is the action of Thanksgiving, the parents of the heart of love and care is the spirit of thanksgiving. Know how to be gratefulBoots green HunterPeople are happy, because he was in the heart of the sun, to disperse the haze, filter out of the complaints andCollezione Hogan 2016Hate. He will know the fear of life, know how to cherish every moment, know how to use their own actions to return the world. The world itself is seen with good eyes immutable and frozen, the flowers and beautiful, see with a hostile eye can only be the thorn and the ugly. To cultivate love with love, to grow hate with hate. The world has not changed, change is the mentality of the people. Dream boy with “ waiting for the dream for your blog named &rdquo. When waiting for the dream of “ ” &ldquo education suffered; vacuum ” all the dream, youth and parents discontent into confrontation. A grateful heart, not to see the parents to their own lives better and pay the effort and sweat, no work is to understand parents behind their hopes and expectations, and only see the parents of their own “ &rdquo, “ appreciation; critical & rdquo; he had no love for their parents., but only hate. A total of 2 pages, the current first page 12 topics related to the topic of Thanksgiving

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Self-improvement as the topic of the composition
A pine stands on a barren hillside, exposed to wind and rain can not destroy it straight ambition, it is more vigorous snow cream. ItsG nstig Nike Dunks SchuhFearless appearance, green foliage reminiscent of the two words: self-reliance. A grass rooted in rock crevices, arid it green hunger continuous vitality, steep cliffs that vanished immortal life desires it, its strong faith, toughness character reminds two Shiren words: self-reliance. Self is a force can bend, poverty can not be changed, immune to temptations Hao Ran heart; self-improvement is a difficult pressure does not fall, doom not bow and dangerous without fear of bright conduct; a fear has self is weak, diligent and hungry, dare to go out 42 pounds of fighting spirit. Self hate is the fate of the climb, climb the reins in the hands of others, others have lost freedom, constraints, like morning glory always live in the fence frame, but once the fence frame collapsed, flowers and leaves branch loss, unable to get up after a fall. Self contempt self mutilation, it has a strong sense of self-esteem, clank, would rather break than bend. Sometimes such as cattle yoke, struggling, too silent, no pain; but there are also sometimes despite the weak, the bold and the mind of indomitable spirit. Self only evil can not enter, Hao Ran righteousness; self-improvement just strengthen the strong. Self, is a high sail; self-improvement, is a beautiful landscape. Self-improvement, will always be with you to hope, to succeed, to a complete success. She is a sweet and kind little girl growing up in a poor family. She has a nice name: &mdash. She had a warm home … … but his father died, the family left seriously ill mother and young Ming Ming. School starts,Neoprene wellies HunterStudents have to pay tuition fees, only the Ming did not pay, her family did not have the money ah! In order to reduce the burden on the mother, this day at night, Ming Ming took out all their own pocket money, a few, just enough to pay tuition fees. Second days, Ming Ming holding a bag full of coins to the teacher. After that, she did not indulge in the pain of losing his father, awaken the mother in their own home, unremitting self-improvement, to hold up a piece of blue sky and white clouds. This is a call, this is a kind of strength, this is a kind of spirit. When my heartBoots for men cheapWhen I was addicted to the moving plot of the film, my whole soul came up with the sound. The pursuit of such a strong force — — from our real understanding of the meaning of life. See the “an only child” the story of the movie, I was filled with a thousand regrets. She — this should have a happy childhood, but she suffered a family misfortune. After all kinds of hardships, Zhang Mingming is very filial to her mother. In a stormy night, mom breathing difficulties, need oxygen, but no oxygen in the oxygen bag. Regardless of the heavy rain outside, flew out, to the hospital to fill the oxygen. How great she is! And how small we are. The boy which is not a dress, eat a ready-cooked meal. Is a good student in the eyes of the teacher in the school, go home after it is “ the little emperor ” “ Princess ”, the adults all. Look at her, and then control myself, many things in life I only think of yourself, never thought of her mother, to do the morning meal, help my hair, she took an umbrella to the rain to meet me, ill, mother to accompany beside me. Clothes, shoes to wear brand, what is the best. And I, and I do not know whether her right shoulder is wet, do not know how long the fan in her hand shake, do not know her love to eat what kind of food … … after watching this movie, I feel very sorry mom, say “ pregnancy in October, three also failed to &rdquo but we also have; but, when can do this? A mouthful of filial piety as the first, but also so. Compared to Ming Ming, we are not much smaller than it is? So, how can we take on the responsibility? When the self &rdquo “ juvenile; we are descendants of the dragon, we are the hope. We should start from the little things, from the self. From primary school will honor their parents, take the initiative to help parents do their best to do housework, learn to be a self-reliance, self-reliance of the people. Self-improvement as the topic of the composition

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Face and self-improvement as the topic
In the face of difficulties and setbacks, we should learn the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, calm analysis, self grooming, add the courage to overcome setbacks, to really learn self-reliance. In the face of setbacks, many ways to the psychological adjustment, but the best way is to establish a state of calm face and strong to play. The so-called face and bear, that is, when the inevitable setbacks hit, can accept it, bear the pressure and frustration brought about by the setbacks to digest. Our life, it has experienced numerous setbacks and tribulations and even more beautiful and glorious, more filled with joy, become rich and substantial. Throughout history, no one is at all times and in all countries, without setbacks hit fame, they are in the face of setbacks, hard fighting. French writer Alexandre Dumas. Do not rely on his father’s fame, has made some achievements with their own strength, he contributed to the newspaper again, but by the newspaper back, but he did soHunter boots originalDisappointed, continue to create, through unremitting efforts, finally became famous for “La Traviata. > > Mr Wen Yiduo has a hard work spirit, ideals, " the higher the climb down; drilling of intact, the Kennedy, drill more when he was faced with perseverance. The setback, more efforts, eventually become a great revolutionist and thinker in China. On the road of life, who will encounter difficulties and setbacks, you can face and overcome it. Overcome, you are a hero, is the life of the strong. Road is out of the foot, history is written by people. Every step of man is writing his own history. We must learn self-reliance, so as to move toward a better society. We should establish a firm ideal, the ideal, has the goal, has a long-lasting power ahead. Zhou Enlai grew up with lofty ideals, to study for the rise of China he has perseverance, self-reliance and the spirit of struggle, has become a great leader of China, he is self. Everyone has their own weaknesses, the people are not without weaknesses, but they are willing to overcome their own weakness. To overcome their own people, will be able to self-improvement. Confidence is the foundation of a wonderful life, and self-improvement is the starting point for a brilliant career. Everyone should learn to face setbacks, unremitting self-improvement, brave towards life, a real life of strong.“ semi &rdquo, the name of Ding; you may not be too strange. He is only half a “ ” human body. Because a car accident led to his lower limb amputation. Although encountered the greatest difficulties and setbacks in life, but he did not give up the precious life and the desire for life, by tenacious perseverance with the fate of the struggle, the final “ stand ” up. That is XX years of a day, he accidentally hit by the train, after rescue, finally out of danger.Hunter wellies adjustableWhen he woke up, he found himself is a disabled person, in the face of unexpected trouble, he wanted to give up life, but the impulse does not destroy him, it made him stronger, more refreshed. After continuous learning, he learned to hand “ walk ”, through continuous efforts, he can take care of themselves, and wrote a good word. Later, his heart filled with a go around the idea of travel. So, he took the only a little money, left the small village living, and gave himself a name called “ semi D ”. Came to the big city, he first thought of survival and “ entrepreneurship ” problems. Then, with a good word of his optimism hand and honest voice to express their faith, the pursuit of a better life in the face of difficulties, quickly won the recognition and respect of everyone, not only solved the existing problems of its own, also opened up another piece of a broader life for yourself. Although experienced a lot of hard to imagine the pain and frustration, but, finally got the final success. In fact, a lot of people are like this, for example: Helen. Keller, blind, deaf and mute woman writer in the United States, a childhood illness, claimed her eyesight, hearing and speaking right. Destiny is too unfair to her, no light, no sound, can not speak and communicate with others, express themselves, she should be how depressed and despair ah! But she did not give up hope and dream, the courage to face the difficulties of life, and ultimately get a healthy people are difficult to achieve success. We are going to learn from them. Although we did not undergo setbacks, they did blow, but, we also will not encounter difficulties, as long as the courage to face the difficulties in life, treat, optimistic to face the face of setbacks, will conquer life on the roadNike Free Sportschuhe bevorzugtAll wind and rain! Face and self-improvement as the topic

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The topic of money
True love, not peer with money. One afternoon, in a university campus entrance, several students are collecting money for the old revolutionary base of children. For a long time are No one shows any interest in. At this time, a garbage man walked over, looked after, pulled out a crumpled banknotes from round in shreds and patches pocket up, trembling slightly, and then complete what mission like, silently leave. After reading this story, an indescribable tribute spontaneously rises from the bottom of my heart, to those who touched the topic suddenly had the answer in — — we only know with beautiful words to describe love, when we say &ldquo love where fat; ” when and who truly care about those ordinary the corner is exudes the fragrance of love? A yuan of money, for those of us living in plenty to eat, do not worry about clothes in the family who is not worth mentioning how ah; for those wealthy, walking through the night in the scene of debauchery rich, is not worth mentioning. However, this one yuan, for an old man to pick up garbage, but it is not a small fortune. He wants to pick up how many pounds of waste paper can be changed to come back ah! Perhaps, the old man also needs people to help; perhaps, he did not know how to read a collection of. But he knew that it was a necessary act to give a helping hand to others, and to give up their own strength. And look at some of the rich people in the society. For a birthday, a wedding, a party, they would waste profligacy for the music, just to show off to others, just to meet their own vanity of heart. However, for those who need help, they often do not care, do not give up a penny, it seems at this time, they know that they are very poor. Yes, they are.Boot MensVery poor, they are really poor. Although they can not use the money, but it is a thing called love. They think money is everything, you can buy cars to buy villas, shops, and even buy honor, buy … … but they do not know, love, this is priceless, no amount of money can not buy. This is the sorrow of the rich. There are a variety of algorithms, but no matter what kind of algorithms are unable to correctly calculate the love of this problem. There are also a number of mathematical formulas, which can be calculated from a number of things that need to be calculated. But, as accurate as the truth of the formula used to calculate the true love will fail. Because these formulas have their own scope of application, in the field of emotion, there is no one who can use it to accurately calculate the value of true love. In this age of desalination, in this era of love fade, some may be forgotten by the people of the world because of poverty, is being used in the life of the simple love of blood moved this world. Their love is like a desert in a spring moistens our increasingly dry soul; they love, like a string of clear and elegant sound we will awaken indifferent soul. Can we remain silent in the face of them? Can we be indifferent? Love, truth and love, and the sun and the moon together with. But love, true love, will never walk with money! I want to love money Ju Yuan Ming &ldquAre Hunter boots whatO; chrysanthemum, Nanshan ” the quiet and leisurely; I love Liu Zongyuan “ and Pluto all carried away, ” the two things I forgot, I also love Fan Zhongyan “ does not ” the broad-minded … &hBoots for women fashionEllip; they don’t Zhuoli group, overcome material desires, fame, great personality revered by the people of the world. Although this way, but I love money, eager to get money. When I say I want money “ ”, the teachers will frown, I think, but I am snobbish stereotypes, still want to say: not to regard it as right, “ I want money. ” I long for money, because money is not innocent, but some people in the community to get it by fair means to get it, but it is not the fault of money. A total of 2 pages, 12 pages of the current first to the topic of money as the topic of the composition

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Feel the topic of happiness
I am a happy child, my life is full of love. A grandfather and grandmother to give my love; the father and mother to give my love; also a teacher to give my love & hellip; & hellip; although love from different people and in different ways, but not to deny that I was brought up in the arms of love, give me the most or from mother’s love. The love that my mother gave me is the one I can’t love. Record amount of four grade a unit test, when the math test papers sent down, I saw the red figure, suddenly silly eye. This score eighty-nine points from the requirements of my parents is also a ah! In my heart, especially if it was poured cold water in general, the heart good cool cool … … analysis of the papers, the teacher asked us to take home the signature. That day, I am at a loss of carrying bag, step to go home. At home, I dragged my schoolbag, in my small room — &mdash. I do my homework, while feeling tears, while thinking: “ do you want to give my mother to look at it? She saw will be very angry, a scolding is unavoidable, not to her? No signature, the teacher that can not make bad ah! What shall I do? Being cranky, my mother told me to eat dinner, I was silent and went to the dining table, hooded grilled rice, even my favorite braise in soy sauce meat do not eat. But my mother was very much in the air, nothing to do, IHunter boots adjustableShe did not know what medicine to sell Luli hu. But she kept me in the bowl of my favorite dishes. Finally, I took the “ the long ” the dinner was over. I still & ldquo; Bang & rdquo; slamming the door shut, my in the mind silently to the mother said: & ldquo; I’m sorry, mom, I fail to live up to the you to my expectations, the exam did not reach your request to me, I’m sorry, next time I can pass the exam it. & rdquo; the next morning, I was preoccupied with the came to the school, I took out papers, alas, my mother actually had in my papers signed. Underneath there is a line of small print: Xin Yi, I know you don’t want to let my mother down, but Shen teacher told me your test scores, I know this you have tried your best, hope you will redouble our efforts to test a make everyone satisfied results. Looked at the mother’s message, my eye box moist, from between the lines that always, I feel the mother of good intentions also deeply appreciate the mother of my flesh and blood love. What is happiness? Happiness is the air, it is common that you can feel its presence everywhere; happiness is a bird, it is naughty, you can not catch it; happiness is a glass of water, light is true. There is no happiness, happiness is everywhere. As a child, your happiness is when you fall speechless pain, hold your mother, don’t you cry that beat back. When you are young, your happiness is when you get married, you have to pull up your hand and ask your hand, do you like it? Old age, your happiness is in the chair of the grandson of the grandmother I help you knock back!. Family, happiness is a subsidiary of the Le Rongrong; school, happiness is among the students compete with each other; the game, happiness is a tacit understanding with the teammates. However, happiness is not always with extreme ease, do not want to pay any price to obtain happiness, that is a myth. Zhang Zhixin said; bitter trade is the knowledge of the truth, adhere to the truth, it should be willingly accept the pain, then, only then, the pain will be happy. Only the mind and body has suffered from the pain of washing, butBoots Hunter rainFu will come, the deeper the pain, the more bitter, the more sweet happiness. Lu Xun said: in digging into the depths of the soul, so that the people affected by the mental torture by trauma,Boots rain boots HunterIt is from this wound healing and recuperate, get bitter and eliminate, on the road to revival. And to get the true meaning of happiness. Laroche J C said: happiness is behind the disaster, behind the disaster is happiness. Do you want to be a happy person? May you have a hard first to eat. Happiness is dull, plain and even people doubt that this is happiness? Did I spend so much energy to get really happy? Then I want to tell you, he is happy. Fill happiness does not need the money, bring happiness without official, happiness does not need beauty company. For blind people, happiness is to see the day when the glory of the deaf, happiness is to listen to the music of the wonderful; for the dumb, happiness is to talk to the feelings of the heart. Happiness is the soul of a flavor, filling in the world each a corner; happiness is a flower on the plateau, only you climb it, to appreciate her beauty; happiness is a unique warm, very ordinary, but very substantial. Friends, to grasp the happiness, enjoy it! Feel the topic of happiness

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Writing a book as a friend
A harmonious society, is our common needs; a harmonious society, in order to give birth to a talent. Golgi once said: books are the ladder of human progress. Books like a paradise, intoxicated people inside; book as a guidance of the teacher, not only teach a wealth of knowledge, and edify the sentiment of the people; the book is the link between people communicate with each other, through which to communicate ideas, sympathize with each other & hellip; & hellip; if with the book as a friend, the society can be harmonious, believe it or not listen to you. Our village had a gambler, he loves gambling. He once into the casino, ask him to do anything, almost prohibitively difficult. His ass like sticky glue, firmly fixed in the chair, you can pull all pull not down. People often speak ill of him behind his back. A few times, his bad luck, lost all her money, but also owed a debt ass.. After returning home, he lost his temper and his wife had covered all over with cuts and bruises. His wife could not bear this torture, angrily, back home, and he divorced. He sold out all the valuable things in the house before he paid off the debts he owed. After that, he had no money to gamble. The boring time, only to take a book to kill time of two minds. Read read, he found that reading the original is also very interesting, with relish reading & hellip; & hellip; from then on, he was hooked on the reading, reading, not to loud casino, the people also polite, but also to find a stable job, stable life live. Gradually, the village people on his view has improved, and no longer talk about him behind his back, say his bad, but he was friendly with him. He is no longer the hearts of the people of the gambler. All of this, because he’s with the book as a partner. Books and friends, summer read cool, warm winter readout, loneliness becomes full, flippancy for clarity, dull to become rich, therefore, life more wise and beautiful. & ldquo; teacher & rdquo; & mdash; is the engineer of the human soul, they feed a tree and a tree young seedlings, cultivate a group and a group of outstanding talent. Under their careful care, we grow up healthy and active. In so many teachers, I was most impressed by her — — taught me a half semester math teacher — — Chen teacher. Chen teacher is of medium build, with a beautiful black hair, pale face inlaid with a pair of bright eyes, as if to see the inner world of our students. But she left me with the impressionLace up rain boots HunterThe deepest is the good quality of her love. I remember once, I had a high fever, burned to thirty-nine degrees five. It happened that my father was away on business, and my mother was on duty, so I didn’t go to school. Chen know, immediately came to my house to see me. She holds my handHunter wellies sale ladies, smile to me, said: “ the child, you have a fever, high fever thirty-nine degrees five! What do you want to buy you a teacher, … … ” at that time, although I had a high fever, but my mind is clear. “ Mr. Chen, you are here. ” I said to Mr. Chen. “ yes, children, the teacher is coming. Child, how do you feel? & rdquo; at this time, my eyes wet & hellip; & hellip; the next day, I still did not go to school, the teacher Chen again visited me. She saw me holding Chinese book, then said to me: & ldquo; child, you can’t be too tired, you ill, we will help you make up a missed lesson of, you are now the most important is to have a good rest & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; my heart surging: Chen, every day you loyal to housework, busy with housework, now I’m sick, please see me & hellip; & hellip; thought of here, I burst into tears & hellip; & hellip; under the care of teacher Chen, my disease every day better. Back to school, I took part in the mid-term exam, because these days did not have a class, I just took an examination of more than and 70 points. At this time, Chen teacher and busy to comfort me: “ children, this test is not to blame you, come, I help you put down the homework to make up for it! This problem … … ” with the help of Mr. Chen, the final exam, I finally made a good score of 100 points. Chen in the & ldquo; message table & rdquo; wrote: & ldquo; & lsquo; genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. I congratulate that you have made outstanding achievements, but results can only represent the past, can not represent the future, wish you to make persistent efforts, to achieve better results! ” read this &ldquo message; ” when I think about Mr. Chen said: “Socks women bootMiss Chen, in my 100 minutes, half of you, thank you! ” now, I have come to Beijing. Although left the teacher, but I still want to say to her: “ Chen, you will always be my most respected, the most loved one! ” the topic of the book as a friend of the composition

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Discussion on the topic of book
Study hard: a solitary, yellow pages quiz, read the human misery. The history book bitter. Long night, howling winds out of the window, Greenfield bursts, holding “spring and Autumn”, “historical records”, reading by. The pages of history, how many old things, like water gurgling. Yanjuan Changsi: history, the ebb and flow of the tide, rise and fall of change, shishinanliao, Dungan vicissitudes of life; take up arms to contend with, Diocletian Augustus, father and son quarrel, bloody and feel history of ruthless, annals of history, sometimes is a killing history, history of infighting, and aWellies blackA historical farce is moving at different scale and form in modern terrible repeat. Think of, think of them, a bitter feeling desolate heart from pan out, turned into a history of big sad sigh. Read the book of bitter sadness. Hours to see “Ouyang Hai”, “Sparkling Red Star”, high school reading “under the mountain”Slippers FitFlopGarland “,” second handshake “, read” life “to the adult, along with the development of plot in the book, a kind-hearted heart with the emotions of the characters in the book and the ups and downs of: sometimes for the characters in the book of fate mournful, love to the depths, mournful sob; sometimes book of uneven and anger from the heart long difficult flat. Holding a sad letters, like holding a badly scarred heart, uttering the blood, sound such as v., do not know to flow how many bitter tears! To read a book that has to be read. For real development needs, we must read some professional books, although these books is not fun reading, read these books as & ldquo; Medicine & rdquo; hard to swallow, but because it is & ldquo; Medicine & rdquo; although pain is necessary, useful, therefore had to & ldquo; Swallow & rdquo; will go down, medium obscure boring, unreadable, only to & ldquo; endure & rdquo; word continued, solutions, through the. Reading have been exhausted and bitter. & ldquo; life career and knowledge is boundless & rdquo; reading more more feel itself to the unknown world wide expanse, more feel that their own ignorance and shallow, then studying the Expo only dabbled in a drop of, really want to have a bit sense of powerless, unavoidably heart has worried Yan. Reading music: a ray of sunshine, the number of articles to release a series of books. Reading fiction book. Open the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “outlaws of the marsh” and other classic war novel, a shares a grand scene blow on the face and: Armored Cavalry, Kazuma neighing, Gujiao phase smell, arrow halberd everywhere, heavy historical wheel load heavy mission, rolling the countless heroes and clown, flowing through the endless blood of heroes, billow is forward. “A dream of Red Mansions” in all kinds of people’s grief at separation and joy in Union, luxury mansion reveals the vicissitudes of an irrefutable calendarOnline shop bootsLaw of history. The “Monkey King and Demons and ghosts” journey to the west “in the battle of wits, reach the acme of perfection, P. Modern novels, I love read on the subject of war and adventure bizarre class, which is a dangerous twists, ups and downs, read, could not bear to put it down. Reading poems and poems. Reading poetry, from volume of poetry feelings to Li Bai’s elegant, romantic, Su Dongpo’s forceful as galloping Jiangliu, Liu Yongzhi graceful like a weeping willow Fufeng. Read the poems of Mao Zedong, the momentum of the heroic, pointing Jiangshan, jiyangwenzi, mang Mang of heaven and earth, revealing the & ldquo; Wang & rdquo; of the gas, the soul tremor. Guo Moruo, Guo Xiaochuan, Ai Qing, He Jingzhi’s poems such as Qinglie oasis, to give people the beauty of the scenery. Reading prose book. When I was in high school, Biye the Tianshan mountain scenery mind “, Mao Dun’s” landscape “, elegant and beautiful chapter in Zhu Ziqing’s Moonlight over the lotus pond” give us unlimited reverie, leading us into one magical and enchanting realm. Until now, some life experience, leisure, occasionally flip Ba Jin’s prose collection, also do not have some fun, like listening to a rich experience of the elderly in the back of his life experiences, from time to time that a life’s words of wisdom; and like to listen to a witty friend mumbling to himself, high mountain and flowing water, sunset sunset scenery, walking the mountains, leisurely Nanshan leisurely, birdsong, Yuzhou sing late Teana, rain twists and turns, the joys and sorrows of life like audiovisual spring like bubbling out, give to ethereal, to imagine, to comfort, to look forward to. A total of 2 pages, the current 12 page first to book as the topic of discussion

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The topic of bridge
Rush through dozens of years of life, stepped on the road across the bridge to too many to count, one one recall. Every time to water, will give birth to a bit of bridge of gratitude, if without them, I do not know how difficult the journey to increase! Bridge stood in silence in the water, the grantor every day countless, even if the wind and rain, snow bullying cream shame, even if the sun prolonged sun exposure, cold freezing. The world blossom, situation changes and vicissitudes of life always in staged, and enjoy it lonely, laugh look flashy, just do their duty, to from shore to shore even together, separated into together. See the land on the large and small streams, there will be a bridge on both sides of the road together, to give way to the continuation of the bridge. While on the roadWellies cheapWalk always enjoy a bridge to bring their own convenience, although walking on the bridge will to bridge up some respect, but a lot of times across the bridge the forget it. Just these days, every night and went out for a walk will slipping away from the bridge in the orange lights, every night carefully look at bridge the wide decked bridge, on both sides of the bridge to see the strong and exquisite railings, heart suddenly on the bridge up more and more admiration, so want to write down some words for the bridge. Let me go to the bridge, to a kind of spirit. How many bridges have I never seen? The commune has long been the Yangtze River Bridge, the experienced world Cangsang Zhaozhou Bridge, the sway leisurely water bridge, and that with the legendary iron chain bridge & hellip; & hellip; the world how much? The content of the bridge in the end how rich? How much is the bridge in China? How much of the world’s bridges need to be understood? How broad the bridge culture, the bridge civilization may also be another world history. Toward the bridge, to a culture, to a civilization. For the bridge, I have too many too many unknown, but this is unknown, also lets the bridge have the more temptation to me. The exploration of the bridge, is not the civilization of the footsteps of the search? Towards the bridge, from ignorance to civilization. Although the bridge seen or too little too little, but the thinking of the bridgeOnline sale FitFlopsTest but one day clear. Bridge, no matter how small, no matter how great, no matter how long, no matter how brief. It bears the same mission & mdash; & mdash; the disruption of the road link, using his body to the grantor. As long as the commitment to their own mission, what kind of bridges are as great! This is the spirit of the bridge! Also, such as bridges, only different positions, no distinction, whether stick in what position, as long as in doing their duties are the same great friendship is like the bridge of friendship is what? Yes, who will think about this problem? Qian Zhongshu said: “ friendship between people, not because of the benefits of not say, it is not good to say. & rdquo; and I said, & ldquo; if the person and person’s relationship to a fast flowing river, then the friendship is the stand in the river on the bridge, dazzling and precious. ” everyone has their own friendship bridge, after all, friendship brings us too many beautiful memories. When we walk on the bridge, just like to find the light. Life gives people a lot of pressure, I have also lost their aids to navigation, the pursuit of those dazzling aura, lost self. But friends tell me: “ people want to live for the ideal. ” I gradually find myself, friendship let me feel the warmth of the world. Sick when a greeting, sad when a consolation, confused when a word to teach. These are the world’s most sincere feelings — — friendship. Friendship is like a bridge. Every time we walk on this bridge, we will feel very happy. When I play with my friends, I feel a kind of satisfaction. That feeling is not mixed with impurities, very pure, very true. I can talk to a friend of his voice, relieve their pressure. We are all happy and sad. I really appreciate a “ a bosom friend, Tianya Zorpia feeling &rdquo. Friendship is like a button with which people are connected to the heart. Friendship is like a bridge. Whenever we go to the bridge, we will feel the friendship is very precious. Man is not a cactus in the desert. Everyone needs friendship. Acquaintance, is it only for friend, friend, friend. Cicero also said: “ long term through thick and thin together together, in order to have friends with complete mutual understanding. ” friendship is a person’s heart. Money can buy a substance, but not a friendship. False friendship is like a shadow, when people in the sun, it will follow us, once out of the sun, it will leave us. Friendship depends on the sincerity to obtain. Friendship is like thatBoots for women cheapSeat bridge. Friendship is built on the basis of respect for others. Friendship is a symbol of respect. The more friends you have, the more you respect others. Friendship is like the bridge, which is connected to the heart. Let the human world has the most beautiful feelings.

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Topic composition with happiness
Happiness, is nestled in the embrace of the mother warm warm; happiness, is to rely on the broad shoulders of lovers sweet; happiness is the love of children and delicate touch skin, happiness is watching parents vicissitudes face to pay tribute. What is happiness? Happiness is a mystery, youHunter boots snakeskinLet one thousand people to answer, the answer will be one thousand. Someone said: “ the real happiness can not be described, it can only be realized, more difficult to understand the deeper description, because the true happiness is not a collection of facts, but a state of continuous. & rdquo; happiness is not for others to see, and others how to say has nothing to do, important is his heart filled with happy sunshine, that is to say, happiness lies in their own hands, not in the eyes of others happiness is a feeling, this feeling should be happy, make people feel Shu Chang, sweet and happy. Happiness is when I see you, so to comfort myself: can this quietly to you, has been very good. My happiness is every hour and moment not you, even if you are not with me. Happiness is when I think of you, the feeling of spring was permeated with in the air this is miss by language ~~~~~~ happy: is no matter how much outside of storms, you will know, home, a cup of steaming hot coffee for you happiness is when people in love have become old, but also face two incomparable. Happiness is can always together, together day for life, from earth to heaven … … happiness is actually very simple! Person if indifferent to fame and wealth, the happiness will always around if individual has a high ideal, that happiness is often accompanied by about the dreamer, personal if greed, the happiness will always away from him! What is happiness? Happy only when you feel warm, feel moved when the moment is called happiness! Writer Dora has one of the true saying: first child is a drop of water has its own voice. And thus lead to me, I think every one happy as the drop of the sound of your own water, you can choose the dripping, but the sound of it you don’t have a choice. A landing, is an individual life, must have their own experience of life, have their own ideals and aspirations, have different interpretations of happiness. If really, only when happiness after the loss of value happiness, who have the courage to pursue happiness? Thousands of years ago, with the general bow battle aspect that victory is the biggest happiness for him; Mencius Confucian scholars think &ldquo &rdquo is happy; have fun with the citizens;; hundreds of years ago, the growth in the dark in the ethical code of Copernicus that the pursuit of truth is a kind of happiness, a famous mathematician and physicist Ampere that hard work it is a kind of happiness of success; now, Yang Guo and Helen of Troy unparalleled martial arts under the pen of Jin Yong as a love for the happiness of detonation with vigour and vitality; &ldquo in the network; here ” “ networm ” all in the fictional world of happiness to gallop … … for the interpretation of happiness, different times, different the historical conditions, and even different people have a different experience. Spring flowers in the form of the past, the summer in the form of branches and leaves in the past, and autumn in the form of fruit in the past, winter in the form of ice and snow in the past. And our happiness will be like spring, summer, autumn and winter, as a different form, and then in different forms with the end of our life into the loess. So we should seize the happiness of their own, do not always envy others than their own happiness. Care more, your happiness has become a grave, you know, happiness and the grave difference in a moment? Have a song to sing so: & ldquo; flat faint is true & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; this will be showing in the sense of a kind of happiness & mdash; & mdash; dull life, which for some people, this is not what, this can calculate happiness? But for some in special positions or those homeless people or outlaws, that is an elusive happiness. And the daily live life dull, but longing for another kind of happiness & mdash; & mdash; vigorous and Stimulation & hellip; & hellip; in fact, a person if always willing to keep looking for happiness in the heart, then in the changes of things, whether it is full of vitality and the dead fall silence can see the happiness, the happiness is not the original thingsBoots for women cheap, but in the heart,Hunter Rain Boots WomensFeel even eyes, so each person’s happiness has its own interpretation, you do not have to worry about your happiness less than others. Because, you are happy with the voice from the depths of your heart, you can hear it? It is from nature such as silvery voice, listen to you, how wonderful! Topic composition with happiness

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The topic composition of self-reliance
The vast sea, tide. Complex life, will experience many amidst the winds of change. I think life is a river, is the waves of frustration. Life is like a river, flowing into the sea, do not return. If the front River broad depth of water, it is Yixieqianli; even if the front was through the air, it can also arouse great tide. Because of life, can not go back. The famous poet Wang Guozhen said: “ I don’t think whether can succeed, since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships. & rdquo; in his famous poets of modern poetry “married happiness, he said: & ldquo; in the days of passion, who can tell, what is sweet, what is bitter. Just know, determined without hesitation. ” life is like a river, translucent, glistening. It is not what one is hidden, two, two. How do you deal with life, it will treat you with interest, and repay. So an Dou Wentao once said: & ldquo; to be honest, maybe do honest people don’t get what, but either you honest, life will give you a hard slap in the face. ” life is like a river, it always has a long history of life and growth in nature. As long as the passion in life, the river will not freeze; as long as the hope in life, the river will not interrupt. The famous prose poem “to my passion” in this sentence: “ I have the sun like a raging passion, because I have too many dreams. That isHunter boots Canada OnlineIn the windy days, enthusiasm will not freeze. ” life is like a river, sometimes gigantic and vigorous, and sometimes violent temper, sometimes in smooth water, gentle. It is so unpredictable, so Xi Murong in “Qi Li Xiang, said: & ldquo; vicissitudes twenty years & rdquo; Mao Zedong also say & ldquo; human right is the vicissitudes of life & rdquo;. It is not life manifestation of uncertainty? Rough and unpredictable, bumpy life was doomed to be accompanied with setbacks. If it were not for the setbacks in life, then who is going to carry smooth Yanyinqipan; if it were not for the setbacks in life, then who is going to feel beautiful against the background of the vista; if it were not for the setbacks in life, then who is to show is brave the wind and waves heroic ambition? So, life + 2n = 2n to tears of frustration. In other words, all the rivers can destroy reefs and setbacks in life hard. Life is like a sea, sometimes in smooth water, sometimes tempestuous waves. Is the so-called: life, it is nine in ten. Therefore, we need to face the setbacks of life fearless. “ energy-saving. The tower alone, looking at the endless road, ” this is the first stage of life: suffering. Su Dongpo in the imperial court, the unfair treatment would suffer a traitor of the frame and the court. But he faced the road of life is long, with a broad mind to accommodate and optimistic attitude to deal with setbacks, write down the numerous popular masterpiece. How many outstanding figures, at all times and in all countries, the fall in frustration at the foot of a truly great men, eternal regret. “ my end is no regrets, pining away to ” this is the second stage of life, to face the setbacks. The central leader of China’s Deng Xiaoping in the cultural revolution period of persecution, three from three down, but he has not been setbacks. He always believed that truth and justice will triumph. Finally, he got a foothold, and shouldering the arduous task of national construction. In hisMens Fashion BootsUnder the leadership of China’s economy has achieved rapid development. His firm belief and wise decision that we respect him, love him. & ldquo; all he found thousands of degrees, suddenly look back, the man is in the lights dim & rdquo; and this is the third phase of the life: success. Kong Zi, a famous thinker in china. The Confucian School of thought toHunter boots socksThis still affects Chinese children, and to respect the people all over the world. This and Kong Zi’s beliefs and attitudes towards life have a great relationship. Kong Zi praised &ldquo &rdquo fortitude;. At the time, Kong Zi’s thought is not adopted by the rulers of lu. Kong Zi traveled around the world, the promotion of his theories, but still not in favor of countries. The encounter frustrations and sufferings beyond count. But Kong Zi will not give up. His faith to support him to continue to adhere to their own ideals, instead of writing. Finally, the Confucian school become school of the Chinese nation for thousands of years the most prominent influence, become the guiding ideology of the rulers of the ruling. Today we still learn from Kong Zi. A total of 2 pages, first pages of the 12 topic composition of self-reliance